The Food Truck and Restaurant Industry is a never ending supply of problems and issues that occur practically every day.  Our team understands that turmoil a broken fryer can make or a refrigerator that turns on but isn’t cold.  The waiting time to find a repair technician who can come diagnosis the problem then ordering/shipping of the new part(s) plus the time to actually repair could take weeks or longer.  We are here to provide you peace of mind that your big investment is consistently operational with minimal downtime.  Plus we come to you and with our maintenance packages the security of knowing someone has your back in this ever challenging business.

Our Team

Adam W. Lee

Founder and Owner of Adam’s Grub Truck established in 2011.  Operating multiple Food Trucks and Full Time Trailer in San Francisco and Bay Area.  I understand the importance of caring for your Food Truck/Trailer as our goal is to keep you on the road selling and making money.  Most owners do not have the technical understanding of fixing a thermostat on a fryer or repairing a compressor that fails on a Refrigerator.  Having a reliable Food Truck that consistently works takes a major headache off ownership and makes it easier for your crew to operate safely.

Fernando Perez

Having served as an appliance technician for the Bay Area for more than a decade, Fernando has seen almost anything and everything when it comes to appliance repairs and replacement. With his electrical engineering, Fernando has the experience and expertise that you expect from a professional repairman.

Victor Parra

Has had many years of experience in the food industry and janitorial business with the last several being as a Supervisor/Manager at Adam’s Grub Truck.  He understands the impact on employees when equipment breaks down and what it does to food quality/service and morale.  He is focused on providing the best environment for your staff in order to get the most out of your crew.